Thursday, March 4, 2010

What this Blog is, and is not

There are a lot of awesome Lost blogs that do weekly recaps/reviews. This blog won't be one of them. I highly suggest visiting one or more of the 'Temple Masters' for masterful recaps. Many of these blogs also serve as the home of the most mind-melting, third-eye opening theories of Lost that have ever existed. Do yourself a service and visit them before May 23. It just won't be as cool once the show ends and we've figured out what is 'right' and 'wrong'. Anyway--while I've got my own show theories, this won't directly be a theory expounding site either.

This is going to be a Lost Questions Blog. Each entry will be about the questions--the unanswered questions, my friends!--that I have concerning a character, or an organization, or a demigod Island entity, or a particular psych ward patient, from the show's 5+ seasons. I'm going to attempt--using writing skills that mirror Tom Friendly's ability to throw perfect spirals--to sum up what these questions are, how I think they might be answered, and why they matter to me. In the cheerless gray eternity beginning on May 24 this year, I'll go back to these posts, and append them with my thoughts and reactions to the way the show did, or didn't address them.

Obviously, there's not much time left, so I'll try and get all my Q posts out in the next couple of weeks, and I'll likely spend more time on the Q + A posts beginning May 24. I'm not a Lost watcher who's all about the myth and theory and takes the character stories as a necessary evil (or vice versa), so expect this blog to introduce questions not only about four-toed statues, but about the state of the character's souls/spirits/destiny when this is all done.

Finally: If anyone other than me actually reads this, that's terrific. I'd like to consider this one more outpost, albeit drabby, crabby, and not too savvy, in the Lost community. Please comment away! Introduce your own questions concerning a particular topic! Theorize on what the possible answers might be! Discourse upon why these questions matter to you! The floor is yours, my learned friends. But...there is one very, very important caveat: THERE ARE NO SPOILERS ALLOWED HERE. NONE.AT.ALL. I consider a spoiler to be any information concerning the character-centricity, the guest stars, the plot, information concerning filming locations, info from media interviews/discussions (i.e., the Paley Center panel) that concerns unaired episodes. The second after the episode has aired, any of this stuff is fair game. Please be kind and don't spoil.
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