Thursday, March 4, 2010

Really? Another Lost Blog?

What's the use of one more blog about Lost? Sure, watching and thinking and talking about the show is rewarding--I caught on to it in about midway through Season three and have completed a rewatch or two since then. I've read a lot of the professional commentary on the show in places like the Onion, the Chicago Tribune, and Zap2it--and the thoughtful analysis these writers provide is both enlightening, and capable of generating awesome comment threads.

A few of the professionals are scared that if they approach a genre laden show with creative, insightful analysis they'll see their official 'I alone can feel the pain of high TV art like the Wire and Mad Men' membership cards revoked (I'm looking at you Slate TV Club, NYT ArtsBeat, or this guy, who was able, with his extensive writerly gifts, to pen this line when considering Lost: "What I still don't have is any f@#!ing clue what Lost is about." Ah, thank you sir! Such erudite commentary reminds me why I must keep such dreadful low culture at bay. Please pass the Grey Poupon.

The coolest stuff I've read, and listened to, about Lost isn't written by either of these groups, though. It's composed by the zillion-strong population of awesome Lost Bloggers and podcasters. The ones that I know about, and visit are in the blogroll, but no doubt there's plenty of other writers putting out fantastic analyses and commentaries that I'm unaware of. Thankfully, most of these writers are more creative, more articulate, more knowledgeable about myth and literature, and funnier than I am. But Jacob help me, I still feel an irresistable urge to add one more dimly twinkling star to this already well-blazed firmament.
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