Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Team Ilana

Ilana and Bram know things. They know certainly know things that the audience doesn't know, and things that Ben (and even Richard) don't know about. At this point (after Dr. Linus) a few mysteries concerning them have been addressed, but several remain--enough that when Ben gets the drop on Ilana and has her at gunpoint, I coldly and calmly addressed the television and said "If you let Ben murder Ilana before we know anything about her, I will go smokey on your ass"...or something.



1. What is the club that Ilana and Bram belong to? What is its purpose? How old is it?

2. To whom is its existence known? only Jacob? Richard? the Leader of the Others?

3. Now that Jacob is dead, is she simply playing it by ear or does she have an objective?

Now that 'Dr. Linus' has aired, we know a little more. Ilana has said that Jacob 'is the closest thing to a father she's ever had'. Wha? Didn't expect something like that. I was thinking that she was the leader of an organization not unlike the one that was trying to assassinate Indy when he was looking for clues to the Grail's location in the 3rd movie. If Jacob is the closest thing she's had to a father...what happened to her real father? PREDICTION: We will find out more about Ilana's real father.

Still, if foster-filial devotion is left as the only motivation for Ilana's actions, and if Bram and Co. were simply muscle that she had hired on, that would be, um, unsatisfying. Especially since its now clear that she knows elements of Jacob's grand design (i.e. candidates) that Richard is unaware of.

UPDATE AS OF THE DAY BEFORE 'THE LAST RECRUIT' AIRS... Aargghh!! She's dead?! Before she told us anything about where she came from and why? Her only role was as a clean-up plot device? Need Sayid to get on Ajira 316, but written yourself into a corner now that he's explicitly stated his opposition to the idea? Why just take your script and soak in our patented Ilana-bath--solves all your knottiest plot development problems with no sweat! Need Ben to stay with Team Jacob even after he's murdered Jacob? No problem? Ilana-bath can handle character motivation issues just as easily as character location issues!

The show's not over, dead's not really dead on 'Lost' anyway, I know, I know. I'm pissed, though. Impatient, whiny, and immature. But pissed.
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